Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Kindergarten Search: Gifted and Talented Testing

Future Kindergartner

Freddie completed the test for Gifted and Talented.  Because of the number of kids prepping and scoring 99th percentile he pretty much needs to be in the 99th percentile to get a spot in a G&T program at the top public schools in the city.  We will get the results in April.

He returned in 55 minutes.  Some kids returned in 30 minutes, and one girl in his group had not yet returned when he did.  My understanding is the longer they test the better because the test administrator stops the test once the child has missed so many and will not qualify for G&T.  So, going strictly on time, I suppose he did better than average, but wasn't the best?  Eh, hard to make anything of the time, but the reality is I'm searching for some clue.  I'll probably google "how long to take NYC G&T test" at least 1 or 100 times between now and April.

This was the first time I could sense nervousness from him in any of these "school admissions" experiences he's had.  I don't think he necessarily felt the weight of a "testing experience" but the school was big, the group was large, and the folks running the show weren't exactly gentile.  Don't get me wrong, everyone was kind and the process was as organized as anyone could expect but it was definitely not as soft an experience as his "play dates."  But, I keep reminding myself my kid is sensitive, he's not fragile.  Sure enough when it was time to walk down the hall with the proctor his tight grip on my hand loosened voluntarily and off he went, not looking back.  And he came bounding back an hour later with a big smile.

I was nervous.  Listening to the parents in the auditorium discuss their plans for their kids to take violin lessons and practice 60 minutes daily by age five and one day attend Julliard was stressful.  Seeing parents doing test prep questions with their child up until the minute the proctor arrived was stressful.  And thinking about my baby perhaps sitting side by side these Julliard bound kids is kind of…well….stressful.

This was the end of the kindergarten search process for now (although I have to check to make sure his recommendation letters have been submitted).  We wait to hear back from private schools on February 7th, however deposits for private schools are due within a week of acceptance letters being received and G&T testing results won't be available until early April.  Awesome, eh?

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