Monday, December 23, 2013

The Christmas Train

Every Sunday in December the MTA rolls out old subway cars and buses and puts them back into use for the day.

This year we happened upon the train one Sunday but it was on the opposite platform so we weren't able to hop on.  After getting a glimpse of the 1930s train cars we decided we'd find the train and go for a ride the following Sunday.

The train cars are each from a different year spanning the 30s and 40s with the oldest being from 1930.

I tried to put the ages in perspective for Freddie by explaining that if Papi were a boy in NYC these would have been the subway cars he would've ridden on.

The train runs on the M line from Queens to downtown Manhattan, making all of the popular holiday shopping stops.

It was neat to see the old advertisements.

I especially liked the ceiling fans and exposed bulbs.

Maybe next year we'll find the old buses.

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Lisha Fink - said...

What a fabulous adventure. And for the price of subway fare!