Monday, June 10, 2013

Hans Goes to the Dentist

Hansie went to the dentist.  We've been talking it up and he's been opening his mouth wide and talking about being brave.  He watched Freddie get his teeth cleaned first and then happily donned the shades and climbed into the seat.

He then turned to me and said "Be brave, hold hand" so I stood next to him and held his hand while the dentist poked around in his mouth.  She showed him all of her tools, but she only scarped a little here and there.  She said she'll try to do a full cleaning next visit, although I am pretty certain he would have been fine with it this time.  Watching Freddie do something first generally means Hans is going to do it as well, no matter what. 

She said his teeth look great, crowded but great, and to continue the current dental hygiene routine.  We'll all go back in 6 months.

Freddie's visit:  Glowing report.  Seal placed last time is still intact.  His teeth didn't have any tartar or build up at all. 

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