Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Notes from the Potty: The Rocking It Edition

  • He has 99.9% accuracy when at home.  He did have an accident the other day when we got home because he was in the middle of a fit since I took his coat off when we came in the door.  He proceeded to wet his pants during his fit, stopped crying, told me "mess," and went to the potty.
  • He will always tell me in advance when he has to potty when we are out and about.  Sometimes he makes it in time, and sometimes he doesn't.  I'd say he's about 50/50 on the road.  
  • He has been waking up dry from naps for 5 days straight.  
  • He asks for his diaper off first thing in the morning.  He asks for his diaper off as soon as he wakes from nap.
  • I think he is potty trained.  We just need more practice.
Next steps:
  • Make transition to the potty ring on the big toilet.  This may be tricky because sometimes he will sit, stand, sit, stand, sit when he is working on a poop.
  • I suppose I should ditch the diapers at nap. 
  • He needs to pee on demand.  I am getting him to sit on the potty before we leave the house, before sleep, and upon returning to the house but he doesn't always make a deposit.  If he'd empty his bladder when asked there's be fewer instances of accidents out and about.  
I should also note:
  • When he's working on a poop he says, "poo poo out!  poo poo where are you?"   
  • He's ready to be in pants around the house, but I will really miss seeing that naked hienie running around.

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Lesley said...

Way to go Hans!! That's awesome Erin!