Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Notes from the Potty: The Week Long Edition

 We began potty training last Tuesday.

Hans was still feeling crummy, and he was certainly not himself, but I figured since he was attached to me anyway and we weren't going anywhere with the single digit wind chills forcasted that week I might as well get started with the potty training.  That might not have been the best idea because the first day was *very* emotional, although I kinda feel like it would have been a struggle even on a good day.

Here's a bit of what training has looked like over the past seven days:

  • He got a diaper change from Daddy first thing in the morning.  After I dropped Freddie off at school at 9.00, Hans and I went home and I removed his diaper.  
  • Not 20 minutes later he began crying and motioning for his diaper.  He had a poop and he wanted that diaper back.  He was distraught.  I was thrilled he knew he had to poop and he wanted the diaper.  
  • After whining, fussing he finally pooped on the floor, with me right next to him.  I told him poop goes in the potty, sat him on the potty, showed him his mess, and that was that.  I know he was relieved the world didn't end when he pooped somewhere other than his diaper. 
  • The rest of the day went similarly with him peeing on the floor, my scooping him up and placing him on the potty while repeating "pee pee and poo poo go in the potty," then showing him the mess. 
  • He was generally unhappy about it and spent the majority of the day calling for "Dada."  That is typical when he's irritated with me about something.
  • He wore a diaper for nap and night time sleep and when we left the house.

Success!  Finally.
  • The day started similarly with my removing his diaper and then his realizing not long afterwards that he had to poop.  He asked for his diaper and was generally whiny when I wouldn't give it to him.  
  • He finally pooped on the floor with me nearby, and again the world didn't end.  He was relieved and got back to his normal self.
  • We had a stand off during the day where he obviously had to poop, thighs pressed tightly together, and he wouldn't move from the spot where he was standing.  Finally the urge must have passed and he resumed normal activity.
  • There was lots of peeing on the floor with my standard response, and he began pointing at his penis before peeing, although he wouldn't stay on the potty long enough to release any urine.
  • He began to make the connection of the sensation and would sit on the potty before, getting up and peeing not long after, saying "mess" or "poo" when he'd go on the floor, and he'd go back to the potty after the fact. 

Thursday and Friday:
  • Not a lot of time was spent pantsless.  He was in a diaper for most of the day Thursday because we hosted play group all morning and then Friday we went to a puppet show.
  • The time he spent diaprless/pantsless showed he was really starting to make the connection between the sensation and the potty.  
  • He FINALLY sat down on the potty long enough to make a deposit.  Freddie and I did the potty dance and sang "You're the man."  There were high fives all around.  
  • Again I could tell he was withholding poop, walking around with his thighs clenched together.  He ended up not pooing at all on Thursday.  I was a bothered by this but wasn't giving in.  I made a note to get lots of raisins.
  • He was making progress, but his timing wasn't quite there.  Very frustrating for me, but I went with it.  

Saturday and Sunday:
  • Diaperless all day, both days as we laid low and hung out at home.  
  • Lots of pee on the floor.
  • He's passed the issue of pooping without a diaper.  He'd poop on the floor, and report it to me.  We even had a poop on the bed.  Yep, I am feeling myself start to crack.
  • Sometime Sunday evening he manages a pee deposit while hanging out on the little potty while Freddie was on the big potty. Big whoops and high fives from everyone.

  • We spend the morning at MoMA so he's in diapers, but when we get home, off come the pants and diaper.
  • As he's playing in the living room with the legos he says "poopoo" and goes over to the potty, sits and pees!  Hallelujah!!!!
  • He does it three more times, including an instance where he poops in the potty!  
  • The pooping in the potty required a bit of help as he said "poopoo," sat, stood up, sat, stood up and was a bit fussy.  At this point he was mid poop and I encouraged him to sit and he finished the job!

  • Same as Monday, but now it has been an entire day of NO ACCIDENTS!  
  • He is diaperless and just goes to the potty, says poopoo, and does his job.  I make a big deal about it, but he doesn't seem to really care so much about the big deal.  It is almost as though he isn't quite done with the job and doesn't want the fuss quite yet.
  • He stood midjob today with poop and I encouraged him to sit back down and he did.  This is going to take a bit more reassurance.  
I knew he was making progress but man I was really feeling frustrated those first few days.  I don't remember feeling that way with Freddie, but then again I didn't have another kid to tend to when Freddie was training.  Charlie reminded me it was a process and to dig for a little patience. 

Although Freddie has been VERY helpful in demonstrating all things potty, doing cheers for himself and the rest of us when we potty, he does make things a little tricky.  He has stuff everywhere, stuff waiting to get peed on.  He needs things so I am not glued to Hans they way I was able to be when I trained Freddie.  And he also seems to have this way of making sure he's getting equal attention in all situations. 

Next steps:
  • More of the same.  He needs more help with poop.  I also want to fully implement the routine of him sitting on the potty before we leave the house, as soon as we return to the house, and before sleep.  Freddie got to the point where he was able to "pee on command" during those scheduled potty visits and I want Hans to get there too.
  • I am not sure when I will have him go diaperless out and about.  Right now he needs the potty about once every hour, so I imagine I'll wait until he can stretch that a bit longer.  I need to go back and figure out when I had Freddie go totally without diapers, but I do remember wishing I had done it sooner than I did.  It wasn't as monumental as I had thought it would be....isn't that how lots of parenting is?

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