Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Freddie Skis

Freddie got some instruction on the bunny hill this year.  He was recovering from the flu and wasn't totally jazzed about being out there.  He woke up feeling well, and the first words out of his mouth after he crawled into bed with me were "I'm going skiing today!" but by the time we were fed, dressed, loaded up, and on the mountian he had changed his mind.

In that moment I decided all future vacations include only swimsuits, and that kid was going to ski.  No if, ands, or buts about it.  

I felt bad when we got home and realized his temp was back up to 101.  Bad Mama.  The next day took less convincing, although he didn't like not feeling out of control in his skis.  But he'd build enough confidence as he got near the bottom of the mountain to tell Charlie "I can do it, Dada," meaning, "get your hands off of me, Dada."

He enjoyed the second day more when he was really fever free.  Imagine that.

I was very proud of Freddie for being brave and trying something new.  Hopefully we'll eventually have more regular opportunities to get everyone on skis and enjoy wintertime.

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LISHA said...

If mamas stopped every time a little boy said he didn't feel good, we'd never get anywhere. And they'd learn how to push our buttons at a very young age.

Good job, mama. He soldiered on and did it!