Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Big Boy Bed, Volume 2

We're clicking along with all things "big boy" around here.  Freddie's riding his bike, and Hans is now sleeping in a big boy bed (the trundle). 

The transition to the big boy bed with Freddie was just that, a transition.  Sometimes he chose the bed, sometimes he chose the crib, an eventually he just no longer slept in the crib.  Well, little H-man didn't so much have a transition as much as he just had things changed on him.

Into the bed he went, and down came the crib.  And that was that.  No easing into it and certainly no looking back.  Something this Mama has learned is kids are capable of handling so much more than we (I) give them credit for, and generally speaking, things are only as big of a deal as Mama (or Daddy) makes them.  So sleeping in the big boy bed was a big deal, and the crib being gone was not a big deal.  Now if only Mama could feel the same way about parting with that crib.

He made the switch without issue.  Naps have been easy because he's in there by himself to fall asleep.  Evenings with Freddie just a few feet away have meant it's party time, but after the giggling subsides he settles down and gets right to sleep on his own, staying in his bed all night, and calling for me when he wakes about 7am.  This morning he crawled into Freddie's bed for some snuggles, and the two came running out squealing about getting morning snuggles from each other.  Yep, one of my absolute favorite Mama moments yet. 


Lisha said...

When my boys shared a room, I loved standing quietly at the door and listening. I knew those were the moments they'd remember when they were grown. The "wisdom" that passed between them was priceless.

Laura said...

Sweet pictures.