Wednesday, January 23, 2013

19 Months

  • Getting taller
  • Getting thinner
  • Hair is thickening and continues to curl in the back.  Some days the curls are rather tight.  I think you may be a curly blonde headed brown eyed boy.
  • Flat footed
  • Pigeon toed

  • Shy but becoming more outgoing and confident
  • Stubborn and strong willed
  • Extra clingy over the last couple weeks...traveling and illness have definitely heightened this.  I think teething may be playing a roll as well. 

  • Your vocabulary continues to explode.  I thought it was perhaps reaching a plateau but it continues to expand and you are putting words together.
  • Mama hair choo choo (as you pushed your train through my hair)
  • Boogie out trash (as you handed me the boogie you just removed from your nose)
  • Reach my milk (reaching for your cup on the counter)
  • White snow
  • Puppy walk snow
  • You are polite, saying "excuse me" when you burp or when you would like to pass and I am in the way.  I am impressed at your application of this phrase in two very different contexts.
  • You will say "bless you" when someone sneezes.
  • Help stuck foot
  • Baby out walk (as you push your baby stroller out the front door)
  • You also have lots of new words:  bagel, brother, keys, moon
  • When you see yourself in the mirror you say "you"
  • Lots of "My" milk, my puppy, my baby
  • My absolute favorite new word is Freddie!  Finally.  Ir sounds like "Deddie" 

  • You seem to be getting pickier but you are still a good eater.
  • Favorites include cheese, oranges, kiwi, crackers, and TREATS!
  • You are drinking 12-20 oz of whole milk per day.  The amount varies wildly.
  • You eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich every day for lunch.
  • When we pick Freddie up from school the first thing you say is "lunch apple pretzel" insisting I open his lunch box so you can eat his leftovers.  

New favorite position

  • Your fine motor skills have really taken off.  You'll snap the duplo blocks together and take them apart.  You are proficient at drinking from an open cup, using utensils, and stacking blocks.
  • You are getting better at the stairs and take lots of risks going down, doing it all by yourself.
  • You are throwing the ball well, and enjoy kicking it back and forth.
  • You'll sit on your little scooter and push yourself around.  I am ready for the weather to warm so we can spend some time outside on it.
  • You make use to the stool and chairs to get exactly what you want.  You also climb on top of the toilet to get to the sink to fiddle around in the water, wash your hands, or get a quick drink.

  • Music!  You are so into dancing.  I love seeing you "shake it" when you put your hands on your knees and bounce up and down.
  • You still love your choochoo trains.
  • Hot wheels cars
  • Books
  • Hats
  • Looking out the window
  • Puddles and peering down drains
  • Your baby dolls and your stroller
  • Anything Freddie might have 
  • Going to Freddie's school.  They treat you like a rock star here and you lap up the attention, giving high fives all around. 

  • Having your face wiped
  • Diaper changes
  • Having things taken away
  • Sharing...oh goodness, this is bad.  If you see someone pick up something that is yours from across the room or on the playground you run over, screaming all the way, and snatch it out of their hands.

  • Getting 11ish hours of sleep at night.
  • Naps tend to be about 2 hours, although we have had a few poor naps lately, and I think it is because you feel so rotten when you are lying in bed.  I hope you are well soon and get back to being rested, because you are a beast in the evening when your naps are too short.
  • You are in the big boy bed full time without any issues.  You call me and wait for someone to come in to get you in the mornings and at night.  You will crawl into Freddie's bed in the morning for snuggles. 

Potty training:
  • It's on.  You know exactly what's going on.  That's all I'll say about that for now.  

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