Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Scenes from the Weekend

The three guys went to Home Depot for the monthly kid's project.

There was nailing and painting, and orange aprons and a completed picture frame!

A trip to get a Christmas tree.

Advent calanders got going.

Hans was NOT happy about only getting the surprise from one pocket each day.

We decorated. Freddie cut strips and we made paper chain garland.  We have a total of 3 ornaments (thanks to Aunt Lizzy) in NYC, and I figured with Hans it's probably a good thing.

Our elf arrived from the North Pole.  Can you see him in the tree?

All of the candy canes are hanging on three branches.

Hans got more than his share of candy canes.  He's climbing the tree after them when I leave the room.  When I'm in the room he stands next to the tree and repeats "treat, treat, treat."  I knew ornaments would be tricky with a toddler but I had no idea he'd be so insistent on wanting candy canes!

We also baked bread, cuddled, did puzzles, and generally laid low.  Mama was sick, and Dada was (is) out of town, but all in all it was a good start to December.

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