Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Freddie Skates

Freddie was able to try ice skating for the very first time at Wollman Rink in Central Park.

He didn't have any problems walking and was fairly confident on the ice, even though he was pretty wobbly at first.  He eventually got his feet going in the right motion, but he still wouldn't let go of my hand.

He couldn't quite grasp why everyone was just skating in the same direction in a circle, but he finally went with the concept and declared himself the winner when we got back to the beginning. 

My calves *burned* after one lap and Charlie had similar aching complaints after he skated.  We need more time on the ice!

H-man tried on some skates and stepped out on the ice in his skates, but he wasn't please.  He isn't quite steady enough to stay up on those blades. 

I'm sorry I missed his debut while I was skating with Freddie but those teeny tiny skates sure were cute.

There was plenty of entertainment with the puddles and people watching for Hans.  I'm sure the four of us will be skating laps in no time.  (As soon as my calves get stronger!)

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