Friday, October 19, 2012

Pre-Game Show

He's showing signs of readiness:
  • He'll proclaim "poo poo" after he's pooped
  • He's going to the potty to sit after he's made a poop and wants on the potty
  • He points to the potty and says poopoo and peepee, and wants up.  He'll grunt and watch as though he's awaiting a deposit, but he's yet to make that happen.
  • He's pointed to the potty while in the tub, but peepeed before he made it to the potty.
  • His poops are regular and predictable.
  • He's very interested in everyone's bathroom routine, and is a frequent spectator.  
I don't think he's quite ready now, although I plan to take full advantage of his interest in the potty sooner than later.  The boy's a spitfire and I only see that stubborn streak intensifying as he approaches two. 


Lesley said...

Wow, E! Louie is trained now just after his 2nd birthday and I thought that was fast (people all the time act like I have performed a miracle or am too demanding of him). Can't believe Hans is getting ready. Our whole house out of diapers is awesome!

Erin said...

I think he'll be *really* ready in the midst of the holidays. I had hoped to try it before then, but honestly I don't have the energy. I will most likely start in the new year. And sometimes I wonder if I am too demanding, but I am ready to be diaper free here too!!!