Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Another Saturday at the Baseball Diamond

Lots of pictures…sorry!  It was just so cute to watch.

This week they got lots of instruction on base running, including which foot to put on the base, how to round the corner, and how to take a bit of a lead of the base.  

#6 is listening

#6 takes a lead
 And lots of encouragement to run hard all the way home.

I think I heard more reminders to "be in the ready position" in the field more than anything else.

There's lots of daydreaming as well as important conversations going on out there.

They practiced ground balls more than fly balls...

And worked on batting…

He hit it! (and the pitcher)

He isn't running so hard for 1st base, but knowing he can be "out" might change that real soon.


His biggest fan was there to cheer him on…

 He cheered when he wasn't busy reading….

 Or lounging and snacking...

I mostly loved seeing him grinning while paling around with the guys…

And the smile as he ran off the field so proud, proclaiming next week he will be even better, so said Coach.

After the game we enjoyed the sunshine and had a picnic lunch where the boys really just fooled around and snacked on the treats.

He writes, and writes, and writes whenever he can.


Another *perfect* Saturday…

Yep, Hansie has the exact same glove…no other way, for now anyway

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Sunday

A friend of Freddie's has a snorkel and he's been asking for one.
And if Freddie wants one, so does Hansie.

The Bunny stopped at our house!

Freddie wrote a note to the bunny and put it out along with the baskets and hard boiled eggs.  So cute.  I was expecting him to wonder why the Bunny didn't write back or what happened to the note, but not a single question.  I really over think this stuff.  I need to remember to keep it simple, and the response "it must be magic" works for just about any question the kids have about the Bunny or Santa or the Tooth Fairy.

After filling the baskets and hiding some jelly bean filled plastic eggs it was off to bed with the alarm set so we could get up before the kids and hide those hard boiled eggs from the refrigerator.

Hans was up first, of course, but he was content to play in our bed until Freddie got up and alerted the whole house that the Easter Bunny had come!

It was a beautiful day out and I had thought we'd have an adventure, perhaps heading off to the Bronx Zoo just as we had last year, but realized the boys wanted nothing more than to enjoy their Easter goodies.
Rabbit snout sucker!
 So we enjoyed the sunshine close to home, riding bikes, kicking around the soccer ball, and spending some time at the pool.

Freddie really enjoys chasing and kicking the ball.  He has declared he doesn't
want to be goalie when they start soccer next week because he wants to kick!

Happy Easter!

Monday, April 21, 2014


Egg dying was the most anticipated event of the week.  They talked more about this than the egg hunt or even the Easter Bunny.

Looking back at last year not much was different, except I cannot believe how little my guys were just a year ago.

Freddie was again very serious and determined to get the right shade of color and the perfect design, and wanted to experiment with using the crayon and adding stickers. 

And Hansie….well, what he lacked in finesse he made up for with enthusiasm.  There were quite a few eggs slam dunked into the glasses and eruptions of dye on the table and floor.  I'm glad we used trays again this year to contain some of that "enthusiasm."

Why yes, that is spaghetti sauce still on my face from supper!

Admiring his work
Beautiful results, which will make enough egg salad for Dada for the week.  Glad he likes egg salad!

I'm still not quite sure what our boiled egg tradition is.  As a kid I remember just leaving them in my Easter basket, but Charlie told the kids the Easter Bunny would hide the eggs for them to find in the morning…so…..alarm set to be up before the kids to take the eggs from the refrigerator and hide eggs for The Bunny.  Hardly seems right to have to set an alarm on Easter.

Friday, April 18, 2014


Hans is becoming more interested in drawing, writing, and creating, presumably because Freddie has been spending a lot of time writing at the table and Hans wants to join.

What he had to say about this piece:  This is the music from "the Huggy Dance." (Huggy is from Hans' favorite show WordGirl on PBS.  He's a gorilla that dances at the end of each show to the same tune.)  So interesting to see what and how he chooses to represent his world.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Egg Hunt

Hans' playgroup had it's second annual egg hunt.  The weather was crisp, not unlike last year, and we even had some snow the night before.

Hans didn't really want to take his hands out of his pockets, but conceded and collect some eggs once he realized there was chocolate inside some of them.

Freddie scrambled around and filled his basket.  He was most happy to see some friends.

They were both so tickled to find out what was in each of the eggs.  Stickers, tattoos, bouncy balls, and chocolates got a squeal with each egg they split open.

A great start to some Easter fun over the next few days.